What Is The Lily Sanctuary?


Our mission is: “To provide loving sanctuary for homeless, unwanted,
and special needs parrots in an in-home environment, ensuring quality care during residence,
rehabilitation, and re-homing.”


    It all started in 1989 when Dan and Venette Hill, the founders of The Lily Sanctuary, purchased not one–but two–baby parrots. They visited their new babies, Lily, an umbrella cockatoo and Lucy, a blue and gold macaw daily. While still at the store, Lily was diagnosed with PBFD (psittacine beak and feather disease), considered fatal at that time. She was scheduled to be euthanized. Dan and Venette decided to take Lily home, hand feed her, spoil her, and give her the most amazing week they could. However, with the help of an extraordinary vet and his contribution of an expensive experimental protocol, Lily became the miracle girl, living 21 years! Lily became the namesake and the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the world of parrots.

    As the Hills learned more about parrots, other parrot owners who could not keep their birds gravitated to them. Over the years their home bulged with their feathered family and they outgrew their Mom and Pop roots. In 2003, The Lily Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization, was officially formed to care for special needs and homeless parrots. In over 25 years of rescuing birds, the sanctuary has saved hundreds from abuse, neglect and near death. It is important to know that WE DO NOT BUY, SELL or BREED BIRDS.

    Many prospective owners do not realize that parrots are high-maintenance animals with a life expectancy of decades. Buyers have long been attracted to these beautiful and majestic animals and purchase on impulse only to find that they are unprepared to fulfill their most basic needs. Highly social creatures, parrots are as emotionally complex as a chimpanzee or dolphin and as smart as a toddler. They require daily interaction and can be messy, destructive and loud. When owners can no longer care for their parrot they come to us to help rehabilitate, rehome and provide the daily care needed to live a happy healthy life. Placing a parrot with a qualified, reputable rescue/sanctuary, whose only interest is the bird’s welfare, is a humane choice. PLEASE DO NOT EVER SET YOUR BIRD FREE! That kind of freedom may be freedom for the disgruntled owner but a death sentence for the bird. Domestic parrots can rarely survive predators, starvation, and the loneliness and betrayal they will suffer. Humans took birds out of their natural habitat, it is now the responsibility of humans to be their guardians.


    We are among the first parrot sanctuaries to provide a true in-home environment. We are not a shelter; we are truly a home with 24 hour supervision. Our parrots experience the normal activities, sounds and interactions they might find in their new home. They are provided with time in outdoor aviaries (weather permitting) to enjoy natural sunlight and room to play. This results in less stress on the birds during transfer to a new home. The flock experience helps them readjust from past issues. They learn from each other and rediscover joy, playfulness and trust.