Success Stories

This is what it is all about. Finding new homes for parrots. Enjoy these inspiring adoption stories.

Jester is a Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. He is beautiful and playful. His favorite phrase is “poor Jester.” He jabbers and talks mostly in “cockatoo.” We always kept a separate play water dish in his cage because he likes to pack it with toys. He craves personalized attention and will ride on your shoulder wanting to go everywhere with you. He is complex and can easily get overloaded. His favorite treat is homemade birdie bread. He was adopted to a new home with a loving new daddy.

Chopsy, a Cherry Headed Conure, loves to ride on your shoulder and talk in your ear. He says “momma” to the ones he loves. He likes other birds, which is a good thing, because he was adopted by Lily Sanctuary volunteers, Mike and Joy, where he now lives with their parrot family. His favorite toy is a mirror bell that he loves to rub against and make it chime. Chopsy is a handsome little guy and is in perfect feather. This beautiful parrot lived with us for many years until he fell in love with Mike and Joy.

Jake is a Moluccan Cockatoo. He is very sweet and funny. Jake found a forever home where he can get lots of attention and love. His favorite toy is a stainless steel bucket that he holds in his beak, fills it with more toys, then whacks it against the cage. Give him a sweet potato, or a slab of lasagne, and he’s a very happy bird! He found an adopter who understands the special personalities of a cockatoo.