The Lily Sanctuary: July Newsletter 2017
Dear TLS Supporters,
It’s time for a big announcement, flock!  We are pleased to announce the retirement of our wonderful founders, Dan and Venette Hill, after nearly thirty incredible years of service to the avian community.  The Hills created The Lily Sanctuary to provide love, safety, and the promise of a home to birds in need, and they have succeeded hugely. Thanks to their enormous hearts, they have saved the lives of hundreds of feathered friends, and have brought joy to as many new parronts, too.  Though we will miss them immensely, we are so happy that they get to enjoy many years of relaxation, and we feel honored to carry on their legacy of giving excellent care to birds and educating our community about these amazing creatures.

    In the coming months, we will be transitioning The Lily Sanctuary from an in-home environment to a fostering system, and we’re looking for loving, experienced, and passionate individuals to give our beloved birds new homes!  If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring one or more of our birds, please contact our adoption coordinator, Lauren, at Volunteers, we need your help now more than ever! Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Gwen, at 
for information about how to get (and stay!) involved.  We look forward to this exciting new chapter, and we thank you all for your continued support.  Congratulations and thank you to Dan and Venette… we love you!

The Lily Sanctuary Board of Directors

The Lily Sanctuary
We Love You Dan and Venette! Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for all you have done for the birds!
      The Lily Sanctuary is a very important organization that has saved countless birds lives but not only that, it has created a community of incredible people dedicated to helping our feathered friends. Strong friendships have been made simply because of the common love of birds has been shared and fostered here and we've come to really care about one another. Leaders have emerged that did not know their passion and devotion was going to be instrumental in continuing the mission of the Sanctuary. Supporter have been inspired to do more for their community in other ways because their experience with TLS has shown them their actions makes an impact.

      I know that the sanctuary has been a happy place for me and if I was having a bad week, I knew I was going to be greeted by the loud screeched and cries for attention from the flock begging for head scratches or a bird yelling "hello". I got to watch the evolution of our birds go from being quite or aggressive to being confident, loving, and happy birds. I am a better parront to all of my pets because of what I learned here.This place and all the dedicated volunteers did that for them. I have met incredible people that inspire me to be work harder and be better than I was yesterday. I know that we have all made beautiful memories and boisterous laughs are shared often.... It truly is a very special place.

     My love and gratitude to Dan and Venette Hill is immense. Thank you to them for creating not only a rescue for birds but a community for the lovers of birds. What you have done in our lives is just as great as what you have done for the birds and it will leave a lasting impression on all of us. I know that I am forever changed for the better because of what you have created. Your contributions are incalculable and I am so excited for you to enjoy being parronts in your retirement. You deserve it. Thank you for allowing us to continue your efforts.

Supporters, please join us in the next phase of The Lily Sanctuary, there are a lot of parrots out there that need us and I can confidently say that we have an amazing board dedicated to continuing our mission. Our volunteers are just as valuable and we will continue to need your support. Thank you for what everyone does, it matters and it helps!  

If you have any questions,concerns, or suggestions please reach out to myself at
Lily Loves you!

Best Regards,

Vanessa Adams
President, Board of Directors
The Lily Sanctuary

Wags N' Wine Event

The Lily Sanctuary attended the Wags N' Wine event in Huntington Beach on June 25th. It was an amazing time with dogs in costumes and the attendees enjoying good wine and food all the while, raising money for dogs in need. We were able to educate guests about the majesty of birds and why parrot rescue is just as important. We now have a new audience that knows about The Lily Sanctuary!

Chica was the guest of honor and believe me when I say she loved every bit of the adoration she received from everyone who saw her! 
Orange Coast Magazine featuring Venette
Do not forget to check out the feature on Venette Hill and The Lily Sanctuary in Orange Coast Magazine. It's delightful interview with the most beautiful picture of Venette, Indy, AJ, and everyone's favorite marshmellow, Tiki!
The Lily Sanctuary gives big thanks to Sidecar donuts Side Cares- for allowing us to be their community non profit for the month of May in honor of  World Parrot Day.  They donated 10% of  sales of all Rasberry Elderflower donuts and that donation made a large impact for our birds! They are helping the community one doughnuts at a time.

If you are not familiar with Sidecar Donuts, do yourself a yummy favor and pick up one of their delicious artisanal donuts at their two locations in Costa Mesa or Santa Monica. This month, they are sponsoring The Alzheimer's Association.

Thank you Sidecar Doughnuts!
We would like to extend a big thank you to Jamie Parrott (best last name ever!) for her contributions as The Lily Sanctuary president. She has since moved to Tennessee for her career and we celebrate her time with us.
Jamie was instrumental in assembling an amazing board and providing great leadership that will continue to be fostered and utilized. I have big shoes to fill but with her influence, I know that I will aspire to be a strong leader for TLS. Thank you Jamie and we wish you the very best in your future endeavors and we will miss you!

Jamie had this to say, 
This has been an amazing two years with TLS and you’ve each inspired me to continue to follow my passion in the non-profit animal world.  Business life is not nearly as rewarding!!  With that said, I’ll miss you all dearly and I wish you the best in the near future and beyond.  I know you will keep the Lily Sanctuary name and legend alive and thriving."
On that note, I would like to introduce myself as the new president of The Lily Sanctuary. I started volunteering 3 years ago. I joined the board a year ago as the events/fundraising director with a lot of successes and some great learning experiences. I bring to this positions a great passion for this organization, a can do attitude, and I work hard. This has been an amazing experience and I am so excited to help lead this organization into the next phase with an incredible board of directors who are just as excited for our future. Their dedication and passion awes me and I am so thankful for their and everyone else's support.

-Vanessa Adams


Venette in Orange Coast Magazine

Wags N' Wine

Sidecar Doughnuts

Calling All Supporters: We Want You!


Give New Life: Adopt!
We may have missed spring cleaning but summer is here and we are ready to unload our extra stuff. Won't you join us! 

We will be having a drive with Savers thrift store so start cleaning out those closets and collecting items you know longer use to donate. The more we donate the more Savers donates funds to our efforts.

Ask your friends and families to donate too! I will follow up with details but it will be late August.

Calling all TLS supporters! We are looking for new and creative ways to help our feathered companions!

Do you have a special talent or ideas that can help in our fundraising efforts?  Do you know any organization or people that would be interested in joining our efforts?  Let us know!! 

If you are interested in volunteering, making items for us to sell, providing a unique skill to The Sanctuary or simply working weekend events, let us know!

ATTENTION: The Lily Sanctuary found homes for nearly a dozen birds last year and has continued to place a major focus on finding some of our available residents new homes.  The interest we've received has been fantastic, but we still have many birds that need loving homes.  Please check out our Adoption Profiles in the link below and contact us to find out whether these birds are still available.


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